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How to Restore the Garage to its Functional Space

If you are like most homeowners, there is a great chance that your garage looks like a storeroom as it might be keeping everything inside apart from the car, of course.

If you can relate, then it is time that you do something about it.

Here is how to remove the junk from your garage and reclaim the garage.

Reclaiming Your Garage – An Overview

Before we jump into the list of tips, let us have a look at the utility of your garage. The garage is an exclusive place to keep your vehicles safe, and if you had kept it limited to that, things would have been so much easier.

However, if you reside in Monterey, California, you might want to opt for the junk removal monterey, ca, as you will need to get rid of all the junk that you might be keeping stored in your garage.

Instead of allowing your garage to become the palace where you store just about everything and anything, you will want to follow the below given tips and transform your garage by restoring it to its functional space.

Clear Out Everything

You will want to start the decluttering process by clearing out the entire garage. You might want to carry everything into the driveway or the lawn. While clearing out the garage, separate the items that are broken or they are duplicated.

Focus on the Usage

Usually, the garage is filled with the remains of past DIY projects and things that you once used to do, such as the trampoline or garden tools. While you are clearing out the garage, you will want to consider the items that you are currently using and which one of them can be borrowed instead of owning.

Plan the Available Space

After clearing out the garage, you will want to plan the available space by deciding the ideal spots to park your car and bikes. After parking the vehicles at the designated spots, you might want to open the trunks and doors to assess how much space you need to swing open the trunks and doors. Mark that space by applying tape on the floor. Any space that will be beyond the tape will be available for garage storage.

Fill the Shelves

Now, it is time to refill the shelves in the garage; however, you will want to be strategic with it. You will want to refill the hooks and shelves as if you were walking into the store. Place the tallest and biggest items on the back of the shelves. Also, make sure that the labels on all items are visible. Also, you will want to place similar items together and separate them with dividers and mesh containers.

Donate Items

You will find some items in your garage that you will want to donate, such as your old electronics that you no longer use but these might be occupying the space in your garage, nonetheless. You might want to arrange a yard sale or donate the stash of old electronics.

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