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Why LGBT People Require Therapy?

Since the Stonewall Riots in 1968, the gay community has come a long way. Being gay, bisexual, or transphobic is still a big part of our society, though. 

LGBTQ people have to deal with a lot of cis- and heteronormative negative comments and unfair treatment every day, which can lead to mental health issues like anxiety and sadness.

You’re Gender Nonconforming

Some people who don’t identify with a gender know that their parts are interesting to many people. Cis people still think it’s okay to ask a gender nonconforming person what’s going on “down under,” as if they would ever feel safe doing the same thing to a fully transgender person.


It hurts more when someone you care about doesn’t accept or deny your sexuality. Queer people often have a hard time telling their family, friends, coworkers, and teachers that they are gay. It’s tiring and uncomfortable to have to explain and defend yourself all the time.

Your Parents Still Introduce Your Partner As Your ‘Friend’

Your parents still call him your roommate even though you’ve lived together for five years. Microaggressions happen over and over again making people feel like they are not seen. Additionally, it is very hard to keep a good relationship with the “friend” or family member who is giving them out. 

You can live your best life if you get help from a gender therapist to deal with small offenses and act more helpfully.

You’ve Been Set Up On Too Many Dates With Straight Friends

Even if you mean well, it’s not likely that the two gay people you know will become friends and fall in love. Imagine if one of your friends set you up with, say, the only other redhead they knew. Not to mention the only other Republican? 

As the saying goes, “Two gay people will have a lot in common.” However, you should think about the same things you would before setting up two straight friends: do these people seem like they will get along? Do they possess similar beliefs, passions, and interests? What are they both looking for? 

Don’t suggest a meetup until that time. Talking to a therapist about these problems is especially helpful for LGBT people.

Insurance Coverage

There are a lot of institutionalized biases in the insurance business (see United Healthcare). Getting through the red tape and figuring out your rights can be very stressful and even dangerous. If you work with an LGBT-friendly professional, they will understand your needs and limitations and may be able to help you.

Because Life Is Hard Enough Already

There are a lot of reasons why straight people are going to LGBTQ therapy, from the president’s threats of nuclear war to the terrible way the trans military ban is being enforced. People who have diagnoses aren’t the only ones who can gain from therapy. 

Everything is hard sometimes. Finding an affirming therapist who knows about LGBTQ health problems, terms, and ways of life is important because of this.

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